Dwight Holmes

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DWIGHT CLAY HOLMES (Am. 1900-1986)

Born in Albany, Oregon, Holmes was reared in Eugene until 1910 when his father became pastor of a church in Galveston. Holmes studied under William De Leftwich Dodge before enrolling in 1918 in Texas Christian University, Fort Worth. Holmes became an assistant instructor at the university even before his graduation in 1923. While at the university, he was a student of Dura Cockrell, Mary Sue Darter, and Samuel Ziegler. Holmes also received instruction from Bernhardt Wall, George Franz of Germany, and Michael Lengyl of Austria. From 1925 to 1935, Holmes worked as a modeler for the C.J. Sutton Company, Fort Worth, and the Southern Plastic Relief Company, Dallas. His architectural moldings decorated U.S. post offices in Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as numerous public buildings in Texas.

Holmes painted in and around Abilene and Fort Worth, in the Davis Mountains, and before 1936, in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and in Mexico at Monterrey, San Carlos, and Saltillo. In 1929 he received a commission to paint large murals that once decorated the main lounge of the Jockey Club at the old Arlington Downs race course in Arlington. These depicted the history of the famous W.T. Waggoner ranching family who had erected the track and horse-breeding facility in 1931. Holmes painted numerous canvasses around Lake Como near Fort Worth. He died in San Angelo, his residence in the 1960s.

Source: Texas Painters, Sculptors & Graphic Artists by John and Deborah Powers

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