David Adickes

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Now mainly known as a creator of giant sculpture, Adickes spent most of his professional life teaching, painting, and creating small bronzes. A commission for Houston's Performing Art Center in 1982 marks the beginning of his giant sculpture design. After the 36-foot tall cellist called the Virtuoso in a cubist style, he created a number of abstract works, including a giant cornet for the jazz stage at the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Circa 1994 he finished a giant statue of Sam Houston, first President of Texas, followed by his 42 statue tribute to United States Presidents.

Adickes has degrees in mathematics and physics which serve him well in the engineering of his works. Working on a giant sculpture series which includes the Beatles, and he hopes to end with a 280-foot tall cowboy statue, Adickes is also painting again.

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